The Court TV Podcast Episode 87 & 88

April 22, 2021

After 3 weeks of testimony and 45 witnesses the Derek Chauvin murder trial moved into closing arguments where many a case has been won or lost. In this episode, which was recorded hours before the verdict was delivered,

The Death of George Floyd Murder Trial, Pt 9: Closing Arguments

Court TV’s Michael Ayala and host Vinnie Politan examine both the prosecution and the defense’s arguments and let us know what to expect next.

BONUS EPISODE – After just ten hours of deliberations the jury for the Derek Chauvin murder trial delivered their verdict – guilty on all counts.

The Death of George Floyd Murder Trial, Pt 10: The Verdict

Host Vinnie Politan and Court TV’s Michael Ayala discuss the verdict, the likelihood of appeals and what the justice system needs to do next in order to avoid this type of situation again.

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