Murder and the Menendez Brothers Episode 2

Posted at 8:01 AM, June 30, 2020 and last updated 8:31 PM, July 17, 2023

In the months following their parent’s brutal murder, Lyle and Erik Menendez went on with their lives thinking they had gotten away with it. Little did they know that one woman – a woman they had never met – would be their downfall. Her name was Judalon Smyth and had she not come forward and shared what she knew about the deaths of Jose and Kitty Menendez, the brothers might have gotten away with it.

Murder and The Menendez Brothers: A Court TV Mystery – Episode 2 – The Tapes

Episode two of Murder and The Menendez Brothers: A Court TV Mystery tells Judalon’s story and looks at how the Menendez brothers would, for better or worse, become the cultural icons they remain today. For more Court TV and to see our coverage of the first Menendez trial on demand, go to

To see to courtroom arguments about the admissibility of the Erik and Lyle Menendez’s confession tape including testimony from Dr. Jerome Oziel, click here for Part 1 and click here for Part 2.

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