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Joel Souza testifies in court
Peter Cichuniec was sentenced to five years in prison for the death of Elijah McClain in a rare prosecution of medical responders.
Eligio Bishop, who is accused of running a polygamist cult.
right: Aric Hutchinson and Samantha Miller wedding photo, left: jamie lee komorski mug shot
Kayla Montgomery testifies with overlay of signed document
Michelle Troconis appears in court
Michelle Troconis appears in court
photo of a smiling girl next to a man walking in white jumpsuit
david halls testifies
eligio bishop appears in court
Jesse Alvarez is pictured in court.
Hannah Gutierrez, center, sits with her attorney Jason Bowles, left,
Photo of Harmony Montgomery
Jeffrey Epstein mugshot
Deobra Redden wears a mask and shackles in court
Booking photo of Mashenka Reid
photo of elijah vue
hannah gutierrez appears in court
Bryan Kohberger enters the courtroom
tyler boebert mugshot