Pop star Justin Timberlake was arrested on Monday night while driving in The Hamptons. Timberlake was charged with one count of driving while intoxicated. He appeared in court on Tuesday and released after his arraignment.
Buster Murdaugh testifies in father's murder trial
booking photo of Benjamin Brown
Justin Timberlake in a tux
Justin Timberlake Mugshot
attorney holds picture of sleeping child
Splitscreen of Karen Read and Crash Reconstructionist.
Seraya Aung's grandmother joins Court TV as the search for 2-year-old continues. Seraya went missing on May 29 when her father, Aaron Aung, who has joint custody, did not return her for an exchanged drop off with her mother,Samara Harmon.
New documents offer more insight as we continue to learn more about what the dynamic was between Stephan Sterns and his alleged victim, Madeline Soto. Soto told a school counselor that Sterns made her 'uncomfortable.'
Bionca Ellis is accused of killing a 3-year-old boy in a grocery store parking lot and stabbing his mother, in what authorities are calling a random attack.
Hundreds of pages of investigative documents and reports into the disappearance and murder of Madeline Soto are revealing the mountain of evidence police have gathered against her accused killer, Stephan Sterns.
Local and federal investigators are working together to search for a father, the toddler he's accused of abducting and his fiancée in a search that has spanned multiple states and now Mexico.
According to WFTV Investigative Reporter Shannon Butler, authorities have determined that Madeline Soto was allegedly strangled by Stephan Sterns, who faces the possibility of the death penalty for Soto's murder.
Brian Steel is held in contempt
Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for Stephan Sterns, who's charged with sexual abuse of a minor. Sterns was later indicted on charges of first-degree murder in connection to Madeline Soto's death.
Court TV addresses the odd reaction from Madeline Soto's mother, Jenn Soto, in newly released bodycam footage as the investigation starts in the search for Madeline Soto, who had been missing for twelve hours at that point.
Newly released videos of Stephan Sterns and Jenn Soto are offering new insight into the first minutes of the search for Madeline Soto, the 13-year-old girl found dead in a wooded area days after she was reported missing.
A juror, being referred to as Tracie, joins Michael Ayala to speak about the Chad Daybell conviction and the jurors decision to recommend the death penalty in the Doomsday Prophet Murder Trial.
A jury convicted Chad Daybell on charges he killed his first wife, Tammy Daybell, and the two youngest children, JJ Vallow and Tylee Ryan, of his second wife, Lori Vallow Daybell. The penalty phase starts tomorrow.