Karen Read

MA v. Karen Read - Killer or Cover-Up Murder Trial Karen Read is accused of killing her boyfriend, Boston Police Officer John O'Keefe. Her attorney claims she's being framed by a corrupt investigation.

karen read and john o'keefe with text ovelay
The prosecution and defense witness lists are released. The judge prohibits mention of third part in defense opening in the Killer or Cover-Up Murder Trial.
Karen Read walks toward the courthouse on Day 1 of jury selection.
Julie Grant with a picture of John O'Keefe on the monitor.
Karen Read
combo image of karen read and john okeefe
still from body camera with text overlay
Defense Attorneys Alan Jackson and David Yanetti object to body cam footage of the day Karen Read was re-arrested.
Karen Read is seen being booked on body camera
A judge ruled that no individual may demonstrate, in any manner, including carrying signs or placards within 200 feet of the courthouse complex during the Karen Read trial.
Protesters holding signs
The outpouring of support for Karen Read has led prosecutors to request a 'buffer zone' of 500 feet around the courthouse.
Karen Read sits in court during a motions hearing
Karen Read sits in court
Karen Read sits in court during a hearing
Crime scene expert Dr. Kenny Kinsey discusses the physical evidence related to the Karen Read case.
Karen Read's defense is trying to prove a conspiracy by police but they need to get more information and want access to phone records.
karen read appears in court
Karen Read in court for a pretrial hearing on March 20, 2024.