Karen Read

MA v. Karen Read - Killer or Cover-Up Murder Trial Karen Read is accused of killing her boyfriend, Boston Police Officer John O'Keefe. Her attorney claims she's being framed by a corrupt investigation.

Karen Read letters composite
splitscreen of Karen Read and her attorney
Judge sits on bench
karen read appears in court
Karen Read sits in court with her attorneys
Diagram showing relationships between Albert and McCabe families
protesters hold signs outside of courthouse
Karen Read enters courtroom

Courtroom Cheers for Karen Read

Vinnie Politan reacts to a viral video of a defendant attacking a judge and explains why the courtroom cheered for Karen Read at her latest... More

January 5, 2024

Julie Grant speaks to the camera with a picture of an arm with cuts in a monitor behind her
Karen Read's defense attorney, David Yannetti, argues about DNA.
alan jackson argues a motion in court
Karen Read sits in court with her attorneys
Karen Read
Turtleboy speaks into a megaphone
AIden Kearney aka Turtleboy stands with his arms in the air outside of court
split screen of karen read and ted daniel
GFX of Karen Read charges.
photo of Karen Read and her boyfriend
Turtleboy talks to Court TV about Karen Reed.