Karen Read

MA v. Karen Read - Killer or Cover-Up Murder Trial Karen Read is accused of killing her boyfriend, Boston Police Officer John O'Keefe. Her attorney claims she's being framed by a corrupt investigation.

Karen Read sits in court
The panel discusses whether the state is hiding a cover-up and if a jury will find Read guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
Nick Rocco, a Karen Read supporter, joins Closing Arguments with Vinnie Politan and discusses the Killer or Cover-Up Murder Trial.
karen read appears in court
court room proceedings in karen read case
side by side images of Vinnie Politan and Aiden 'Turtleboy' Kearney
Blogger Aidan Kearney, better known as 'Turtleboy,' joins Vinnie Politan on Closing Arguments.
Julie Grant at the anchor desk with Karen Read and John O'Keefe on the monitor.
Julie Grant with an image of Karen Read and her attorneys on the monitor behind her.
Karen Read appears in court
An April trial date has been set for Karen Read.
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Prosecutors revealed details in the Karen Read murder case, including what they described as a 'romantic entanglement' with a friend.
karen read enters court
Judge Beverly J. Cannone denies request from attorneys on both sides to delay proceedings.
karen read appears in court
Crowd gathers outside Karen Read hearing
Karen Read accused of conspiracy to intimidate witness.
Karen Read / Turtleboy
karen read appears in court