Alexee Trevizo

Teenager Alexee Trevizo is charged with murder after she allegedly threw her infant son in the hospital trash.

split screen: left shows bodycamera video of a hospital room, right shows an older man in a suit talking to the camera
mugshot of Alexee Trevizo with excerpts from toxicology report and lawsuit
Man speaks on the left side of the screen while a person in orange is seen walking down a hallway on the right
document showing toxicology report for Alexee Treviso's baby
Alexee Traviso is seen on surveillance video running down a hospital hallway.
Alexee Trevizo booking photo
Split screen of Vinnie Politan and Alexee Treviso's attorney, Gary Mitchell.
Alexee Trevizo and her mother at the hospital.
still from body camera video shows Alexee Trevizo in the hospital