Chanley Painter

Chanley Painter

Court TV legal correspondent Chanley Painter served as a deputy prosecutor in Arkansas and was also in private practice before working in television, most recently as a legal analyst for NBC in Little Rock, Arkansas. She studied law at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, earning a place on the Law Review Editorial Board.

  • COURT TV IS YOUR FRONT ROW SEAT TO JUSTICE.   Opening statements in NY v. Harvey Weinstein are expected to begin Wednesday morning.       Court TV is looking back at “The Trial of the Century” with a brand new series 25 Years in the making. ‘OJ25’ premieres Thursday night at 9/8c only on Court TV.      Live coverage continues in the Witchcraft Triple Murder trial, Florida v. Donald Hartung.  Mr. Hartung is facing the death penalty in the 2015 murders of his mother and two younger brothers.      AND ON THE THE COURT TV PODCAST, VINNIE AND SEEMA TACKLE THE QUESTIONS SURROUNDING THE SEARCH FOR an impartial jury for THE HARVEY WEINSTEIN TRIAL.




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