Seema ◊yer

Seema ◊yer

Prior to joining Court TV, Seema served as a host for HLN’s Crime & Justice while also appearing regularly on MSNBC and CNN as a legal analyst. She previously was a prosecutor in New York City before running her own criminal law practice in Manhattan where she represented the NYPD and handled constitutional law and civil rights cases. Seema developed an expertise in forensic technology, science, medicine and psychiatry by completing a post-baccalaureate program in Physics and Biochemistry. She graduated from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in NYC and went to law school at Southwestern University School of Law in Los Angeles.

  • COURT TV IS YOUR FRONT ROW SEAT TO JUSTICE.    Live coverage continues in the Witchcraft Triple Murder trial, Florida v. Donald Hartung.  Dubbed the ‘blue moon killer’, he’s facing the death penalty in the 2015 murders of his mother and two younger brothers.     AND ON THE THE ALL NEW EPISODE OF THE COURT TV PODCAST, VINNIE AND SEEMA TACKLE THE QUESTIONS SURROUNDING THE SEARCH FOR an impartial jury for THE HARVEY WEINSTEIN TRIAL – one of the most talked about criminal trials in the nation.



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