The Court TV Podcast Episode 33

Posted at 7:50 AM, March 19, 2020 and last updated 8:32 PM, July 17, 2023

A date with a stranger ended in death for young single dad Adam Hilaire who found himself on the violent end of a crime when Hailey Bustos, the woman he met on an online dating app, came to Hilaire’s apartment with the alleged trigger man Andre Warner, now facing the death penalty, and two other accomplices. Bustos and the two accomplices have testified against Warner – all have criminal records and are facing charges of their own for their part in Hilaire’s death.

The Dating App Murder Trial: FL v. Andre Warner

Can prosecutors get a conviction based on the testimony of criminals looking for leniency in their own cases? Or will the heartbreaking testimony of the callous brutality of the crime be enough for a conviction? Vinnie and Seema will examine it all and discuss the shocking sentence handed down to convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein and the latest developments in the missing children case of Doomsday Cult Mom Lori Vallow. For the latest updates and full trial coverage, watch Court TV.

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