Michael Turney

Michael Turney was acquitted of charges he murdered his stepdaughter, Alissa Turney, whose body has never been found.

Olivia Hicks and Jamie Jackson sit and speak to the camera
Michael Turney speaks to the camera, wearing a blue collared shirt
Michael Turney speaks to the camera
Photo of Sarah and Alissa Turney
Michael Turney speaks.
Michael Turney released from jail
Sarah Turney walks with others out of the courthouse
Judge dismisses charges in court
Michael Turney sits at the defense table wearing headphones
michael turney appears in court
Michael Turney sits in court
Michael Turney sits with headphones on in court
Detective William Anderson testifies in court
images of a letter
The turney family is seen in a still from home videoi
Jonathan Laakman testifies in court.
photo of alissa turney
michael turney and alissa turney combo image
John Turney, brother of victim Alissa Turney, testifies
Sarah Turney testifies against her father.