Sydney Powell

Sydney Powell brutally murdered her mother after she was expelled from college, and pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to the crime.

a defendant and attorneys sit in court
split screen of julie grant and don malarcik
Sydney Powell cries during her sentencing
A woman cries into a tissue
One of the jurors who convicted Sydney Powell.
Don Malarcik after Powell verdict.
Verdict announced in Powell.
sydney powell appears in court
Don Malarcik whispers to Sydney Powell.
A young woman sits with her hands to her face

Mother Stabbed Murder Trial: Day 7

After hearing from the prosecution's rebuttal witness and closing arguments, the jury began deliberations in Sydney Powell's murder trial. More

September 18, 2023

Ohio prosecutor Dan Sallerson delivers State rebullal closing in case against Sydney Powell.
Defense attorney Don Malarcik delivers closings in OH v. Sydney Powell.
State delivers closings in OH v. Sydney Powell.
men and a woman walk down a sidewalk with a fedex truck in the background
A woman speaks into a microphone while testifying in court
A man in a suit sits with papers in front of a microphone as he's testifying
elizabeth brown testifies
Sydney Powell's defense attorney Don Malarcik.
A man in a suit sits in front of a microphone