Tommy Carlton was charged with solicitation to commit first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder for hiring a hitman to murder his ex-wife. The hit man, however, turned out to be an undercover police officer. With the help of Carlton’s ex-wife, police staged a sting operation using posed photos where Elizabeth Carlton appeared to be shot in the head. The couple was in the middle of a bitter custody battle and Tommy Carlton, a registered nurse, owed $85,000 in child support. Video cameras captured the entire sting.

  • COURT TV IS YOUR FRONT ROW SEAT TO JUSTICE.     Coverage continues in West Virginia v. Vandergriff. Mr. Vandergriff is facing life in prison after he allegedly struck and killed a 38-year-old father trying to protect children on a school bus.      Now available in Court TV’s Trials On Demand: Ohio v. Yazeed Essa. Dr. Essa was on trial for allegedly poisoning his wife, Rosemarie, with cyanide, resulting in her death. Essa fled the country when he became a suspect, ensuing an international manhunt.