The Court TV Podcast Episode 10

Posted at 8:38 AM, October 31, 2019 and last updated 8:32 PM, July 17, 2023

As Ezra McCandless takes the stand in her own defense, Vinnie and Seema look back at the testimony of her ex-boyfriend Jason Mengle. What impact did his surprisingly combative appearance have on the trial? Did he help or hurt the prosecution’s argument that Ezra McCandless murdered Alex Woodworth in an effort to get Jason back in her life?

Killer Girlfriend Murder Trial – Part 3: WI v. Ezra McCandless

Vinnie and Seema will examine it all and give an in-depth preview of the next big trial on Court TV – California v. Kellen Winslow II. Last June, a jury found him guilty on three counts, including rape, but couldn’t come to a decision on eight of the other charges. As the prosecution prepares to retry those remaining counts, we’ll reintroduce you to former pro-football player Winslow, his five accusers, and look at what the prosecution and defense will have to do to secure a win in trial number two.

More on the backstory of WI v. McCandless can be found here.

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