The Tale of Two Trials, Pt 3 – Court TV Podcast

Posted at 12:02 AM, November 18, 2021 and last updated 11:07 AM, July 7, 2023

The Tale of Two Trials – McMichaels et al and Rittenhouse Murder Trials, Pt. 3

We’re in verdict watch in Kenosha, Wisconsin where Kyle Rittenhouse awaits the jury’s decision about whether or not he murdered two people and seriously wounded another or was justifiably defending himself.  Court TV anchor Ted Rowlands is in Kenosha and will join host Vinnie Politan to discuss the dramatic closing arguments of the case.

Then we’ll shift attention to Brunswick, Georgia where defense attorney Kevin Gough created controversy when he raised objections to two prominent people in the gallery of the courtroom – Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson. What was his issue with the two men and did the judge buy it?


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