Murder & Mayhem

booking photo of Brooks Houck
Prosecutor Brianna Coakley
A woman points to a large display on an easel in court
A woman in a suit speaks in court
Jessy Kurczewski mugshot
A man and woman in jail uniforms and face masks sit in court
Ferriter opening statements

FL v. Ferriter: Opening Statements

Brianna Coakley delivers the opening statements in the trial of Timothy Ferriter, the man accused of locking his adopted son in a box in his... More

October 3, 2023

A still frame from bodyworn camera footage shows a woman being arrested outside a home.
booking photo of Gypsy Rose Blanchard on a large monitor in studio
Johnathan Quiles in court
A woman stands and delivers a victim impact statement in court
Logan Clegg is escorted into court
Melody Johnson
16-year-old Iyana Sawyer
Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson speaks
Suzanne Morphew
investigators search Colorado