Murder & Mayhem

Delve into the chilling realm of crime, where murder, mystery and chaos reign, and the ultimate battle for justice that follows.

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Adam Lally closings.
Wade Wilson listens to closing arguments in court
Prosecutor Sara Miller holds up a curtain rod for the jury
Alan Jackson delivers closings.
milwaukee boy charged with mom's murder
wade wilson mugshot
As the closing arguments in the Killer Or Cover-Up Murder Trial are set to start on Tuesday, Karen Read's defense rested its case after presenting witnesses challenging the state's theory in the battle of the accident reconstruction experts.
The penalty phase of Wade Wilson's double murder trial continues Tuesday. Wilson is facing a potential death sentence for the murders of  35-year-old Kristine Melton and 43-year-old Diane Ruiz.
Jury selection is underway in the Brother & Sister Murder Trial where two siblings, Karen Murray, 49, and Michael Murray, 43, are charged with murder for the alleged neglect of their mother, Sheila Murray.
Judge Beverly Cannone.

Karen Read’s Defense Rests

The defense rests in the case against Karen Read. All the evidence is in. The defense and prosecution will give closing arguments tomorrow. More

June 24, 2024

Wade Wilson sits in court during testimony
An attorney addresses the jury during opening statements
Booking photos of Karen and Michael Murray
a photo shows a smiling woman with a child whose face is blurred