Closing Arguments

After the jury has seen and heard the factual evidence of the case, the parties are allowed to try to persuade them about its overall significance during the final arguments portion of the trial.

Gabby Petito's father, Joe Petito, mother, Nicole Schmidt and stepmother, Tara Petito join Court TV and discuss the release of the FBI's Gabby Petito case file.

Closing Arguments Live from CrimeCon

Closing Arguments LIVE from CrimeCon as Vinnie and special co-host Julie Grant interview Gabby Petito’s parents, John Ramsey, and more guests. More

June 3, 2024

Ali Abulaban looks at the camera as the verdict was read.
split screen of chad daybell and forensic pathologist
Chad Daybell testifies in court
Photo of Madeline Soto
screengrab from video shows Chad and Lori Daybell at the pool in Hawaii