The Court TV Podcast Episode 12

Posted at 8:41 AM, November 14, 2019 and last updated 8:32 PM, July 17, 2023

Could a man behind on $20,000 in child support really murder his girlfriend, the 3-year-old son they had together and her twin daughters? That’s exactly what prosecutors in Florida are trying to convince a six-person jury that Henry Segura did. But what if there was another explanation?

Family Massacre Murder Trial: FL v. Henry Segura

What if the mother of three young children, Brandi Peters, had crossed the wrong people – a drug cartel intent on sending a message to others about what happens when you steal from the cartel? That’s exactly the case the defense will present – backed up by testimony from a convict claiming to be the man who ordered the hit. Prosecutors failed to get a conviction when Segura’s first trial ended in a hung jury. Will they prove their case this time? Vinnie and Seema will break down the entire case and debate the credibility of both theories. They will also preview the next big trial on Court TV – Florida vs. Mark Sievers – a man accused of orchestrating the murder of his own wife. For the latest updates and full trial coverage, watch Court TV.

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