Bill Cosby: The Appellate Hearing – Court TV Podcast

Posted at 9:20 AM, December 3, 2020 and last updated 12:00 PM, July 7, 2023

Bill Cosby, the superstar actor/comedian once dubbed as America’s Dad, has been in a Pennsylvania prison for over two years after his 2018 conviction for sexual assault. His lawyers say he didn’t get a fair trial, and this week went before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to argue their case. Court TV’s Julie Grant followed that proceeding and will join host Vinnie Politan to walk us through what the arguments Cosby’s defense team made.

One of the core issues revolves around prior bad act witnesses, who shared with the jury their stories of alleged assault at the hands of Cosby. Is it fair to bring up unprosecuted, unverified stories of past bad behavior to prosecute another crime? Former federal prosecutor and criminal defense attorney Michael Sterling doesn’t think so and will explain why it’s so important that the court get this decision right – if not for Bill Cosby – than for some other defendant down the road.

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