Celebrities on Trial

From O.J. Simpson to Johnny Depp, these celebrities found themselves in the courtroom spotlight as well.

Hannah Gutierrez, center, sits with her attorney Jason Bowles, left,
The question of who really was in charge of the safety measures on the set of 'Rust.'
Julie in front of a monitor displaying rounds of ammunition from the
The prosecution is trying to paint Hannah Gutierrez as a careless armorer.
evidence in the trial of hannah guiterrez
Alec Baldwin claims that he never pulled the trigger that led to the death of Halyna Hutchins.
The 'Rust' set is being considered the most dangerous movie set ever.
Bodycam footage shows Hannah Gutierrez crying and having a panic attack.
Hannah Gutierrez in court ahead of defense opening statements
Hannah Gutierrez listens to opening statements by the prosecution
Opening statements are scheduled to begin on Thursday morning in the trial of Hannah Gutierrez.
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Julie Grant in front of a monitor with a picture of Ruby Franke and family.
Jury selection for 'Rust' armorer Hannah Gutierrez begins tomorrow.
harvey weinstein enters court
janette becraft and billy jack haynes
Photo of rapper Kodak Black
Jussie Smollett asks Illinois high court to hear appeal of convictions for lying about hate crime.
Killer Mike arrested by police following altercation at the Grammy Awards