Celebrities on Trial

From O.J. Simpson to Johnny Depp, these celebrities found themselves in the courtroom spotlight as well.

Rachel Mason, who is currently working on a documentary about cinematographer Halyna Hutchins joins Closing Arguments with Vinnie Politan.
Several witnesses, including the ammunition and prop supplier, testifies in the Baldwin Movie Shooting Trial.
Forensics analyst Michael Primeau takes the stand.
Seth Kenney testified that he never provided live ammunition.
splitscreen of Tupac and his producer, DJ Darryl
Julie with a splitscreen on the monitor of
Joel Souza testifies in court
Several witnesses took the stand in the Baldwin Movie Shooting Trial.
Defense attorney Jude Faccidomo speaks to Court TV
Julie Grant on the set of Closing Arguments.
david halls testifies
Experts suggest that Alec Baldwin's star power on a lower budget film could have led to an unsafe set.
First assistant director, David Halls, and prop master, Sarah Zachry, testify in court today in the Baldwin Movie Shooting Trial.
'Rust' propmaster Sarah Zachry testifies in the Baldwin Movie Shooting Trial.
Julie in front of the monitor with
Jeffrey Epstein mugshot
alec baldwin seen on the set of Rust
trial exhibit of set footage from Rust
gabrielle pickle testifies