Top 5 Stories of 2020 – Court TV Podcast

Posted at 8:57 AM, December 17, 2020 and last updated 4:47 PM, May 25, 2023

It’s time to look back on 2020 and the top legal stories of the year, which began off with one of the biggest trials of the century – NY v. Harvey Weinstein – only to see courtrooms soon shut down due to the Covid-19 crisis. What will the long-term impact of the shutdown be on our legal system?

In 2020, we also learned of the grim fates of missing siblings Tylee Ryan and JJ Vallow, whose bodies were discovered in the back yard of their mom Lori Vallow’s new husband Chad. But perhaps the biggest legal story of the year was inspired by two men– Georgia’s Ahmaud Arbery and Minnesota’s George Floyd – two men who tragically will killed, igniting an international call for social justice that many hope will change with world for the better for years to come.

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