Eligio Bishop

Eligio Bishop was convicted on charges of rape, false imprisonment and posting revenge porn of a former female follower of his polygamist cult.

Eligio Bishop, who is accused of running a polygamist cult.
Judge delivers sentence from the bench
Eligio Bishop addresses court over zoom
an empty chair at a defense table in court
A man sits with a group of people around him
eligio bishop appears in court
Alleged cult leader Eligio Bishop goes on Instagram Live during his trial to complain about the judge testing positive for COVID-19.
Eligio Bishop and his attorney sit in court
Eligio Bishop sits in court wearing a mask
Eligio Bishop sits in court in a mask
Eligio Bishop sits with his attorneys in court
Former member and alleged victim of cult leader Eligio Bishop testifies in the Polygamist Cult Leader Trial.
A man sits in court with text on the screen
Aaron Dixon testifies in court
Accused polygamist cult leader Eligio Bishop.