Joel Hollendorfer

Joel Hollendorfer was sentenced to 24 years after a jury convicted him of manslaughter in the death of Kara Nichols. Nichols was killed in 2012.

Joel Hollendorfer mugshot resized
(left) a missing person poster with photo of kara nichols, (right) booking photo of Joel Hollendorfer
Joel Hollendorfer mugshot resized
joel hollendorfer mugshot
side-by-side photos of Joel Hollendorfer and Kara Nichols
Toni Payne, FBI photographer, testifies with photos behind her
Judge speaks into a microphone in el paso county court
Kristina Palmer, Defendant’s Ex-Wife testifies
Tammy Gugliotta testifies in court
photo of Kara Nichols
Missing person poster with photo of Kara Nichols from 2012.
Booking photo of Joel Hollendorfer