Joseph Zieler

The latest legal news in the case against Joseph Zieler, a man sentenced to death for the cold case killings of Robin Cornell and Lisa Story.

joseph zieler sentenced
Joseph Zieler appears at his sentencing.
joseph zieler attacks attorney
oseph Zieler elbows his attorney in court
Joseph Zieler reacts to jury's recommendation of death penalty
Defendant Joseph Zieler appears in court
Joseph Zieler's defense attorney, Kevin Shirley, delivers defense closings in the penalty phase.
Prosecutor holds up victim's photo in Babysitter Cold Case Trial.
Todd Everly, the lead investigator in the case against Joseph Zieler, speaks to Court TV
Jan Cornell testifies in court
Zieler defense attorney delivers openings in the penalty phase.
Zieler prosecutor delivers openings in the penalty phase.
Joseph Zieler listens to the verdict being read in court
Lee Hollander delivers closing arguments in court
Stephanie Russell delivers closing arguments
Judge admonishes defendant Joseph Zieler.
Joseph Zieler on the stand.
Bonnie Kniceley, ex-girlfriend of defendant Joseph Zieler, testifies
exhibit shown in trial of joseph zieler