Paige Johnson

Paige Johnson was 17 when she disappeared after attending a party in Sept. 2010. Jacob Bumpass was convicted and sentenced to four years in prison for his role in her disappearance.

man in orange jumpsuit
A man in orange jail uniform enters court in shackles
Jacob Bumpass' defense attorney Louis Sirkin delivers his closing argument.
Prosecutor Zach Zipperer delivers his closing in OH v. Bumpass.
kevin horan testifies in jacob bumpass trial

Teen Mystery Death Trial: Day 3

On Thursday, the prosecution rested its case-in-chief in the trial of Jacob Bumpass, facing charges in the disappearance of Paige Johnson. More

July 21, 2023

Jacob Bumpass walks into court
Kevin Horan stands as he addresses the court
Dave Rader testifies in court
Teen victim Paige Johnson.
Former Covington detective Bryan Frodge choked back tears while on the stand Wednesday
Prosecutor Zach Zipperer.
Donna Johnson testifies
Blonde woman with tissue box and head down on witness stand
side by side photos of Jacob Bumpass and Paige Johnson.
jacob bumpass mugshot