The Court TV Podcast: Episode 124

Posted at 9:59 AM, February 10, 2022 and last updated 9:39 PM, September 18, 2022

Movie Popcorn Murder Trial: FL v. Curtis Reeves

Eight years ago, what was supposed to be a pleasant date night for Chad Oulson and his wife turned deadly when a confrontation over sending a text message in a movie theater turned deadly.  Retired police captain Curtis Reeves confronted Oulson about the cell phone. An argument ensued, a bag of popcorn was thrown, then a shot rang out, killing Oulson.  Chad Reeves claims he had no choice but to shoot him because he feared for his life. Prosecutors say he was the instigator who went out of his way to escalate the situation and now a jury must decide if Reeves, now 79, is guilty of manslaughter.

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