Mother charged with attempting to hire hitman to kill 3-year-old

Posted at 6:40 PM, July 20, 2023


MIAMI (Court TV) — A Florida mother is facing charges after police say she tried to hire a hitman to kill her own toddler.

Jazmin Paez, 18, was charged with solicitation of murder and unlawful use of a communication device after allegedly attempting to use a parody website to hire someone to kill her 3-year-old son.

In an arrest affidavit obtained by Court TV, Miami-Dade police said they were contacted by the owner of a parody website, Bob Innes, who runs the site, told officers he was concerned after receiving a “service request” on July 18.

Innes contacted police after discovering the request included an alarming amount of specific information, such as the name and photo of the intended victim, a phone number, address and instructions that included the “desired code/safe word ‘put me in coach.'” The request also included a note that the job needed to be completed by Thursday, July 20.

“The reason listed was to get something done once and for all. Lastly, the exact service requested was to be taken away far far far away and possibly be killed but ASAP.”

When investigating officers went to the address given to the website in the request for a hitman, officers found the 3-year-old’s grandmother. She told officers that she lives in the home with the child and that her daughter, Jazmin Paez, recently moved out to live with her father.

When police showed the grandmother the photo submitted to the website, she told officers that she had taken the photo of the child on July 17, while picking the 3-year-old up from school, and sent it to her daughter.

A detective posing as a hitman reached out to the phone number provided to the website, and, in a conversation, Paez allegedly agreed to pay $3,000 for the job to be done. When police arrested her at her home, officers said she confessed.

Police noted that was still open in her web browser, and found a text message on her phone with a man where she said, “it’s being taken care of,” in reference to her son.