Former NFL star and convicted rapist Kellen Winslow II Pleads Guilty in Retrial

Posted at 8:00 AM, March 19, 2020 and last updated 8:53 PM, June 14, 2023


UPDATED 3/19/20: Former NFL Star Kellen Winslow is expected to be sentenced Feb. 19, 2020. He faces 12-18 years in prison for two counts of sexual misconduct to which he pleaded guilty. The charges include the rape of a 58-year-old hitchhiker and the rape of a 17-year-old unconscious high school student in 2003.


UPDATED 11/4/2019: In a shocking turn of events, ahead of the opening statement in his retrial, Kellen Winslow II pleaded guilty on two counts of sexual misconduct. Winslow agreed to waive his right to a jury trial and entered guilty pleas on the following:

  • Count 6: Rape of an unconscious person (Jane Doe #4)
  • Count 9: Sexual battery (Jane Doe #1)

In exchange for this plea deal, he will now face 12-18 years in prison instead of a life sentence. Winslow also waived his appellate rights for his convictions in his previous trial in June.


PUBLISHED 11/1/2019

Former NFL star and convicted rapist Kellen Winslow II will undergo the process of a retrial on six charges stemming from his mid-2019 sex crimes trial.


In June 2019, Winslow II was convicted of forcible rape of a homeless woman, indecent exposure and lewd conduct after five Jane Does took the stand, accusing him of sexual acts against them.

His convictions were in relation to Jane Does #2, #3 and #5. Jane Doe #2, a homeless woman, gave an emotional and graphic testimony accusing Winslow II of raping her in 2018. Jane Doe #3, a neighbor, accused him of exposing himself to her in her yard. Jane Doe #5 accused Winslow II of fondling himself and masturbating in front of her at a gym just three months before his trial began.

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Judge Blaine Bowman declared a mistrial on eight charges after a deadlocked jury failed to reach a verdict. At least three Jane Does from Winslow II’s first trial will take the stand. Jane Doe #1, a hitchhiker, will testify again about her accusations that the defendant raped her in 2018. Jane Doe #2, who Winslow II was convicted of raping, will testify regarding a sodomy charge. Jane Doe #4 will again testify her allegations that Winslow II raped her in 2003 while she was in high school. Winslow II was initially facing a retrial on eight charges, however, Judge Bowman severed two misdemeanor charges against the defendant regarding Jane Doe #5: willful battery of an elder and battery against an elder. Winslow II is facing life in prison.

  • Count 1: Kidnapping (Jane Doe #1: hitchhiker)
  • Count 2: Forcible rape (Jane Doe#1: hitchhiker)
  • Count 3: Forcible oral copulation (Jane Doe #1: hitchhiker)
  • Count 5: Sodomy by use of force (Jane Doe #2: homeless woman)
  • Count 7: Forcible rape (Jane Doe #4: high school student from 2003)
  • Count 8: Rape of an unconscious person (Jane Doe #4: high school student from 2003)