Sex Crimes

Rape, sexual assault and molestation are some of the violent ways offenders commit these heinous crimes.

Court TV producer Cody Thomas returns to Florida where Madeline Soto's body was discovered and retraces Stephan Sterns' steps. Sterns was charged with sexual abuse of a minor days after Soto was found on March 1 in a wooded area.
Rachel Morin's alleged killer, Victor Antonio Martinez-Hernandez, will stand trial in October as prosecutors plan to seek a life sentence without the possibility of parole.
side by side photos of Madeline Soto and Stephan Sterns
Gary Zerola at sentencing.
Attorney Gary Zerola at his rape sentencing.
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Brian Steven Smith sits in court
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Newly released documents from a 2006 grand jury investigation suggests Florida prosecutors knew Jeffrey Epstein sexually assaulted teenage girls two years before they cut a plea deal.
A photograph shows a woman showing injuries to her face
wade wilson appears in court
Jeffrey Epstein mugshot
Former Boston attorney, Gary Zerola, who was once named one of People magazine’s most eligible bachelors was found guilty of rape on Wednesday after a jury deliberated for five hours.
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Sandra Birchmore was found dead, hanging in her apartment in Canton, Mass. The autopsy ruled her death a suicide and confirmed that she was 3-months pregnant.  Three officers are alleged to have groomed and sexually abused Birchmore since she was 15.

The Death of Sandra Birchmore

Sandra Birchmore was found dead, hanging in her apartment in 2021. Three officers are alleged to have sexually abused her since she was 15. More

June 25, 2024

New documents offer more insight as we continue to learn more about what the dynamic was between Stephan Sterns and his alleged victim, Madeline Soto. Soto told a school counselor that Sterns made her 'uncomfortable.'
Hundreds of pages of investigative documents and reports into the disappearance and murder of Madeline Soto are revealing the mountain of evidence police have gathered against her accused killer, Stephan Sterns.
photos of madeline soto and stephan sterns with court documents