Sex Crimes

Rape, sexual assault and molestation are some of the violent ways offenders commit these heinous crimes.

Booking photo of Stephan sterns
Julie Grant with Soto case GFX on the monitor.
Booking photo of Kyle Lewter
side by side photos of Madeline Soto and Stephan Sterns
Jackson Mahomes sits in court
Statements made by Jenn Soto during a WFTV interview are reviewed and statement inconsistencies and contradictions are addressed in the murder of Madeline Soto.
photo of Madeline Soto
side by side photos of Madeline Soto and Stephan Sterns
smiling photo of Madeline Soto and her mother.
With everything happening in the Murder of Madeline Soto, should Madeline's mother, Jenn Soto, hire an attorney?
Several big things happening in this case, from an inappropriate image being posted on social media to body language analysis of the suspect and her mother from interviews conducted by WFTV.
monte chitty mugshot
Stephan Sterns appears in an interview with WFTV
Stephan Sterns appeared tearful in an interview with WFTV before he was arrested in connection with Madeline Soto's disappearance.
Officials say surveillance video shows Stephan Sterns throwing items into dumpster, including Madeline Soto's backpack and school laptop.
Investigators announced Friday night that they had located the body of missing 13-year-old Madeline Soto.
Eligio Bishop, who is accused of running a polygamist cult.
Judge delivers sentence from the bench
Eligio Bishop addresses court over zoom
an empty chair at a defense table in court