Sex Crimes

Rape, sexual assault and molestation are some of the violent ways offenders commit these heinous crimes.

Pava Marie LaPere
Taylor Schabusiness at sentencing.
Schabusiness' defense attorney delivers closing argument at sentencing.
Schabusiness prosecutor delivers closing at sentencing.
Johnathan Quiles stands in court
Christine Michel delivers closing arguments in court
a man in a suit speaks in court
Richard Allen, wearing a bullet proof vest and yellow jumpsuit, appeared in court
Taylor Schabusiness mugshot
Prosecutor Daniel Skinner speaks to the jury in court
A man stands in court
prosecutor delivers closing argument in court
Surveillance photo shows the area outside of a school
Kamar Humphrey, Iyana Sawyer's neighbor.
A bearded man wears blue while testifying in court
Damian Hatch testifies in court
A woman wearing a blue jacket testifies from the witness stand
Quiles in court on 9/20/23.
Bijou Phillips and Danny Masterson leave court
people sit inside of a courtroom