Sex Crimes

Rape, sexual assault and molestation are some of the violent ways offenders commit these heinous crimes.

Pieper Lewis appears during a 2022 sentencing hearing
Actor Danny Masterson appears on the red carpet
Defendant Joseph Zieler appears in court
Joseph Zieler's defense attorney, Kevin Shirley, delivers defense closings in the penalty phase.
Prosecutor holds up victim's photo in Babysitter Cold Case Trial.
Kegan Kline leaves court heading towards a police cruiser, flanked by deputies.
Zieler defense attorney delivers openings in the penalty phase.
Zieler prosecutor delivers openings in the penalty phase.
Lachelle Jordan missing person photo
Kegan Kline is escorted out of the courthouse
Lee Hollander delivers closing arguments in court
Stephanie Russell delivers closing arguments
Judge admonishes defendant Joseph Zieler.
Joseph Zieler on the stand.
Deputies help Kegan Kline into a vehicle.
Bonnie Kniceley, ex-girlfriend of defendant Joseph Zieler, testifies
exhibit shown in trial of joseph zieler