Daily Trial Updates

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Michelle Troconis appears in court
Jesse Alvarez is pictured in court.
robin howington mugshot
James Crumbley
Benjamin Agati shows a mugshot of Adam Montgomery to a witness
Annette Harvey's Washington County Sheriff's Office mug shot.
jennifer crumbley appears in court
erica stefanko appears in court
Shanda Vander Ark
maya kowalski appears in court
Samuel Brammer stands as he hears the verdict
Young Thug attends the 3rd Annual Diamond Ball in New York Sept. 14, 2017
Brice Rhodes sits in court
Keith Agee sits in court
Hannah Payne sits in court
Michael Mattioli testifies in court
Kaitlin Armstrong mugshot
Jessy Kurczewski is placed in shackles in court
Lori Ann Phillips testifies
Meredith Moon appears in court