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Doug Benefield's former attorney, Stephanie Murphy, joins Court TV to discuss the status of the family court case that occurred before Ashley Benefield killed her husband, Doug.
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woman escorted from court
Marcia Thompson takes the stand in the Abused Wife or Murderer Trial. Thompson, a U.S. Customs officer is facing trial for the shooting death of her husband, Terry Thompson.
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Ashley Benefield appears in court
Booking photos of Karen and Michael Murray
Defense attorney Chris Byrd continues the closing argument saying that as Sheila Murray's condition declined, it went from something that they (Karen and Michael) could handle to something that they could not handle.
Defense attorneys Bill Donaldson and Chris Byrd present their closing argument with Byrd saying, 'The reality of it, Tony Murray (the victim's husband) was the decision maker in that home.'
Prosecutor Abby Wallace gives the closing argument emphasizing, 'They chose to allow their mother to lay in her own filth. They chose to allow her back...to rot until she died. The defendants willfully and knowingly neglected a vulnerable adult.'
Wade Wilson sits in court
Jury selection is underway in the Brother & Sister Murder Trial where two siblings, Karen Murray, 49, and Michael Murray, 43, are charged with murder for the alleged neglect of their mother, Sheila Murray.
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Michelle Troconis appears in court
Beverly McCallum
Timothy Verrill
Adam Montgomery enters sentencing.