The Court TV Podcast Episode 20

Posted at 8:44 AM, January 9, 2020 and last updated 10:45 PM, August 7, 2023

After many delays, movie mogul Harvey Weinstein is ready to face a jury of his peers in his sexual assault trial, but how did we get here?

Harvey Weinstein Trial: How We Got Here

Court TV anchors Vinnie Politan and Seema Iyer will look back at all that has occurred – allegedly or not – to bring Harvey Weinstein to this point. Stories of his alleged behavior date back for decades, but things began to change in 2015 when a model went to the NYPD and agreed to wear a wire in order to prove he had assaulted her. Despite strong evidence, no charges were filed. But when journalists dug deep into Weinstein’s activities and convinced some famous women to go on the record, authorities could no longer stand idly by. What took so long? Vinnie and Seema will discuss those articles, the charges and what it’s going to take for prosecutors to prove their case. For all the latest updates and full trial coverage, watch Court TV.

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