The Court TV Podcast Episode 35

Posted at 8:00 AM, April 2, 2020 and last updated 8:32 PM, July 17, 2023

COVID-19 impacts all facets of American life, including the justice system. From Florida, where the judge presiding over the murder trial of Andre Warner was forced to postpone the sentencing phase to California, where the LA murder trial of Robert Durst is paused until late May, to the onslaught of jailed celebrities who are making the news asking to be let out or risk exposure.

Justice System v. COVID-19

Can justice be served in the middle of a pandemic? Vinnie and Seema will dig deep into the implications and discuss the monumental task of starting the court system up again when the pandemic ends. For the latest updates, tune into Court TV and catch Vinnie, Seema and the entire team from 8-11pm weeknights as they cover the impact of COVID-19 on the criminal justice system.

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