The Court TV Podcast – Episode 5

Posted at 8:33 AM, September 26, 2019 and last updated 8:32 PM, July 17, 2023

Welcome to the fifth episode of The Court TV Podcast. Every week, Court TV anchors Vinnie Politan and Seema Iyer will dive into the real-life deceptions, betrayals and murders that lead to justice in the courtroom. If you love geeking-out on trials and crime, you’ve landed on the perfect spot.

Wrong Apartment Murder Trial-Part 3: TX v. Amber Guyger

The highly anticipated trial of Amber Guyger – the former cop who shot and killed her neighbor after entering what she thought was her apartment and mistaking him for an intruder – is in progress and Vinnie and Seema are ready to break the case down for us. Definitions of first-degree murder vary from state to state – how does Texas law impact this case?  Vinnie and Seema explain, using of all things — a salad analogy. The prosecution is calling this a police shooting, but does that hold Amber Guyger to a higher standard just because she’s a cop?  Does her claim of sleep deprivation help or hurt her defense?  And will she indeed take the stand to tell us her side of the story?  Finally, the Corn Rake Murder trial verdict is in and Vinnie and Seema debate whether the jury got it right. For the latest updates and full trial coverage, watch Court TV.

More on the backstory of TX v. Guyger can be found here.

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