‘I Can’t Breath’ – Court TV Special Podcast

Posted at 8:46 AM, February 25, 2021 and last updated 11:35 AM, July 7, 2023

I Can’t Breathe – the three words George Floyd repeatedly said during the final 8 minutes and 46 seconds of his life. His death led to an international movement and to the prosecution of four Minneapolis police officers. As the trial for the ranking officer Derek Chauvin approaches, Court TV’s Michael Ayala and Julia Jenae take in-depth look at what happened the day George Floyd died with I Can’t Breathe: A Court TV Special.

Featuring interviews with his family and friends, this documentary traces Floyd’s life from his childhood in Houston, Texas to that fateful day in Minneapolis. Using police body camera footage, interviews with eyewitnesses and official police interrogation footage of the officers involved, the deadly encounter between Floyd and the police plays out in exacting detail that can be quite disturbing to hear, so listener discretion is advised. The documentary will also look at the accused and the possible defense they may use in court.

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