Verdict reached in trial of wife charged in firefighter’s death

Posted at 9:40 AM, May 15, 2024

VANDERBURGH COUNTY, Ind. (Court TV) — An Indiana wife accused in a fatal love triangle is facing life in prison after she was found guilty of killing her husband, a 28-year veteran firefighter who was gunned down in his driveway on Feb. 26, 2019. 

Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office

Elizabeth “Becky” Fox-Doerr, now 52, was also convicted of conspiring with her sister’s fiancé, Larry Richmond Sr., to kill 51-year-old Robert “Robbie” Doerr. 

In her opening statement, prosecutor Diana Moers-Davis told the jury that Becky was in the kitchen cooking dinner when her lover and alleged triggerman, Larry Richmond Sr., ambushed Robbie after he returned home from a grueling 12-hour shift.

Prosecutors said the defendant made a four-minute phone call to Richmond, planning the murder, then deleted the call to cover her tracks. But the defense argued that the conversation never happened: “No evidence about Becky getting a gun. No evidence about anyone plotting her husband’s death. That evidence does not exist,” defense attorney Mark Phillips said in his opening statement.

Becky told investigators she was the only one home the night of her husband’s death and saw headlights in the driveway before hearing “a bunch of popping noises.” She watched her husband take his last breaths as she called 911 and attempted to field questions from concerned neighbors.

During the investigation, a letter Robbie wrote to Becky suggesting infidelity, including comments of “ever since he came back into your life” and “I see his text on your phone,” was discovered. Police also seized Becky’s phone, which revealed a call to Richmond, who lived with Becky’s sister, which led to suspicions of an affair between the two. 

During Becky’s trial, Richmond’s son, Larry Richmond Jr., testified about a Taurus Judge gun he said he stole from a pawn shop in 2018 and gave to his father. Data collected from Richmond Sr.’s phone helped police place him near the scene of the crime.

Additionally, witnesses from the Evansville Fire Department testified about discussions on pension benefits, suggesting a possible financial motive. 

Ultimately, the jury sided with the prosecution and found Beck guilty of murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

After the verdict, FoxDoerr appeared somber, with her face slightly trembling at certain points as Vanderburgh Superior Court Judge Robert J. Pigman thanked the jurors for their service. She was then ushered back to her cell at the Vanderburgh County Jail, where she’s been held since July 2022, according to jail records.

Fox-Doerr is facing life in prison at her sentencing hearing, set for June 17, 2024.