Killer Spouses

These matrimonial-shattering cases take the vow "until death do we part" to a new horrific level.

lori vallow daybell appears in court
gloria faber testifies
brian walshe appears in court
Chad Daybell sits in court
Fotis Dulos' driveway.
Newly obtained court documents indicate that police investigated at least two other suspects in the murder of Jared Bridegan.
Shanna Gardner and Mario Fernandez Saldana appear in court
Court TV has obtained video showing Alex Murdaugh’s arrest in Florida.
A man stands next to a deputy, whose face is obscured by a black box, outside of a cruiser in a still from bodyworn camera
janette becraft and billy jack haynes
combo image of Adam and harmony montgomery
Shanna Gardner is being charged with first degree murder.
combo image of cassidy ritchie and wrecked car
Julie Grant on set with a picture of Becky Hill on the monitor.
Juror Z testified that Becky Hill Influenced verdict.
Alex Murdaugh looks on in court
Becky Hill's body language assessed by expert.
Justice Toal sits on the bench
Becky Hill takes her oath.

Becky Hill’s Full Testimony

Court Clerk Becky Hill testifies at evidentiary hearing to determine if jury tampering allegations warrant a new trial for Alex Murdaugh. More

January 29, 2024