Killer Spouses

These matrimonial-shattering cases take the vow "until death do we part" to a new horrific level.

Kouri Richins appeared in a Utah court room to learn whether there was enough evidence to go to trial with her case. Kouri is facing charges of murder for allegedly poisoning her husband, Eric Richins.
Amanda Chapin
Zoom plea hearing for Amanda Chapin.
Chad Daybell
photo of hillary and benjamin brown
Kouri Richins appears in court for a detention hearing
booking photo of Benjamin Brown
Elizabeth Fox-Doerr was sentenced to 90 years in prison on charges of murder and conspiracy for the death of her husband, Robert Doerr, who prosecutors say was gunned down in his driveway by Fox-Doerr's lover, Larry Richmond Sr.
Elizabeth Fox-Doerr at her sentencing
Caution tape outside of a bar
Dale Warner in court
Pamela Smart comes into court at the Rockingham Superior Court House in Exeter, New Hampshire on Friday, March 22, 1991
Dale Warner appeared before a judge for a preliminary hearing and pleaded not guilty. Dale is charged with murder in the death of his wife, Dee Warner, who disappeared on April 25, 2021, and whose body has not been found.
Summer Shiflet and Nate Eaton
split screen of David and Karen Swift
After the jury told the court they were hung, they were instructed to continue deliberations and later returned with a verdict. David Swift was charged with the murder of his wife, Karen Swift.
david swift appears in court
chad daybell booking photo
attorney delivers closing argument