Bradley Caraway

Bradley Caraway was convicted of reckless homicide and operating a vehicle under the influence in the death of University of Louisville cheerleader Shanae Moorman in 2016.

bradley caraway appears in court
A judge presides over a Kentucky courtroom
A man sits in court
Prosecutor Andrew Daley delivers the State's closing in KY v. Bradley Caraway.
Bradley Caraway defense attorney delivers closings.
wide view of courtroom with judge and attorneys
bradley caraway trial
A man in a suit testifies in court
A man in a blue polo shirt testifies on the witness stand
A woman leans on one elbow as she testifies in court
A police officer in uniform testifies in court
Kenneth McPeters testifies
James Smalley testifies
rob eggert delivers defense opening statement
Milja Zgonjanin delivers opening statement