Brandon Castiglione

The latest legal news in the trial of NH v. Brandon Castiglione, a man convicted of fatally shooting, Luis Garcia, a local pastor.

Brandon Castiglione
Brandon Castiglione
Castiglione stands as verdict is read.
Brandon Castiglione appears in court
photo of victim Luis Garcia in brandon castiglione trial
brandon castiglione listens to closing arguments
Dr. Jenny Duval testifies in court
Mark Castiglione testfies
Victim Luis Garcia's wife sobs on the stand.
Danielle Patalano testfies
Castiglione crime scene photo.
Brandon Castiglione's sister testifies.
Brandon Castiglione's grandmother testifies on the witness stand
Brandon Castiglione and his defense attorney.
Sgt. Andrew Phillips testifies
Prosecutor delivers his opening statement in the case against Brandon Castiglione.
Image of Brandon Castiglione with house in the background.