cold cases

Despite initial efforts by law enforcement to solve homicides and disappearances, sometimes these cases reach a standstill, leaving victims and their families without closure. Cold case units or dedicated investigators may periodically revisit these cases to uncover new evidence, utilize advancements in forensic technology, and receive tips from the public to help uncover hidden truths and potentially solve the case.

police sketch of a woman
combo image of cold cases murder victims and suspect alan wilmer
mikelle biggs portrait
Smiling girl with blonde curly hair, JonBenet Ramsey
Logan Clegg appears in an orange jumpsuit and shackles
split screen of tommy ballard and crystal rogers
Dee Warner
Taylor Gruwell
Fred Cain III booking photo
split screen showing Brooks Houck and Crystal Rogers
split screen of photos of two women
Susan Marcia Rose thumbnail
Dennis Rader stands in court
baby mary gravesite
joseph lawson and crystal rogers combo image
Ruth Marie Terry missing person poster
BTK Killer Dennis Rader in a Kansas courtroom in 2005.
gretchen harrington and david zandstra combo image
side by side photos of Jacob Bumpass and Paige Johnson.