Darrin Lopez

Darrin Lopez was sentenced to 62 years in prison for murdering his girlfriend's husband, James Faith, in 2020.

Darrin Lopez

TX v. Lopez | S2 EP1

'Faith No More': A retired Army sergeant stands trial for his alleged role in an elaborate murder-for-hire plot, in which he claims he was manipulated... More

May 7, 2024

Darrin Ruben Lopez mugshot
Man stands in court listening to verdict
Three men sit at the counsel table in court
Darrin Lopez reacts to being found guilty of murder
Darrin Lopez listens to closing arguments in his murder trial.
Prosecutor Brandi Mitchell delivers the state's rebuttal in TX v. Lopez.
caitlyn pavers delivers closing argument
darrin lopez testifies
Darrin Lopez
evidence is shown in darrin lopez trial
Darrin Lopez in court.
TX v. Darrin Lopez
a tree and yard are seen from doorbell camera
Prosecutor delivers openings in TX v. Lopez.
photos of Darrin Lopez and Jennifer Faith