Unsolved Casefile

Cold or fresh — the cases that police are working to solve and bring justice for victims.

Linda Sue Karnes portrait
handwritten letter with overlaid photo of young girl with curly blonde hair
Gary Oliva
Gary Oliva
Tupac Shakur speaks to the camera with a bandana tied around his head
home searched by LVMPD in Tupac investigation
Photo of Tupac Shakur
police cruiser parked with small orange cones
Donald Santini is led out of the courtroom
split screen with Vinnie Politan on the left and John Ramsey on the right
mugshot of Gary Oliva
Court TV logo
Donald Santini weeps moments before he is denied bond
Jewell Parchman Langford photo
rudy faris missing person photo
hailey dunn and shawn adkins combo image
Joran van der Sloot's U.S. booking photo.
Brookelyn Farthing selfie
Stephen Smith selfie
Photo of Mia Kanu