Investigation into Detroit surgeon’s murder continues months later

Posted at 7:43 PM, November 30, 2023 and last updated 9:08 PM, November 30, 2023

DETROIT (Scripps News Detroit) — As snow covers the ground in Detroit this week, loved ones of Dr. Devon Hoover aren’t thinking about how cold it is. They told us they’re thinking of a statement made by the Detroit Police Department at a police commissioners meeting on Aug. 31.

devon hoover medical photo

FILE – Devon Hoover (Ascension Michigan via Scripps News Detroit)

Regarding Hoover’s murder investigation, DPD stated they were “prepared to have an announcement before snow hits the ground.”

It’s been seven months since the 53-year-old Detroit surgeon was found fatally shot in his home and three months since that announcement from police was promised.

Hoover’s best friend, Carol Gove, told Scripps News Detroit that loved ones have heard nothing.

“It’s a huge rock on my head. It’s just pressing, just to know,” Gove said. “If the police don’t have anything, just say so — I can accept that. It was wrong information, it was wrong to make a statement like that. They don’t have anything, or if they do have something, just tell us anyway.”

Scripps News Detroit reached out to Detroit police to ask for an update and interview on the investigation. We were told no one was available and nothing has changed.

When asked if family and loved ones feel that there has been enough transparency in the investigation, Gove said: “No, no. They don’t, and I don’t either.”

Former federal Prosecutor Abed Hammoud said it’s possible Detroit police aren’t debriefing anyone to make sure crucial information doesn’t leak.

He pointed out that police have said the case may be domestic and “that makes it more difficult in the sense that you can’t just say ‘X’s’ DNA was in the house. ‘X’ must be a suspect. Because if it’s an acquaintance, you expect to find the DNA in the house, so it makes it more difficult to investigate and prosecute.”

In that same August meeting, police said they were working on a to-do list for the prosecutor’s office.

Hammoud said work on that list, like reviewing electronic evidence, can take months and the “announcement” loved ones are waiting for may come when that list is complete.

“I just want it to be over,” Gove said. “I just want them to say something. Just tell us something, just so we can just put it to rest.”

Crime Stoppers of Michigan is offering a reward for any information leading to an arrest. You can submit a tip by calling 1-800-SPEAK-UP.

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