booking photo of Duane 'keefe d' davis
photo of tupac shakur
Stephen Smith pic next to a cross grave marker.
Reward poster
Linda Sue Karnes portrait
handwritten letter with overlaid photo of young girl with curly blonde hair
Gary Oliva
Gary Oliva
Special Prosecutor Clay Tharp delivers the state's rebuttal in OH vs. Jacob Bumpass.
Jacob Bumpass' defense attorney Louis Sirkin delivers his closing argument.
Prosecutor Zach Zipperer delivers his closing in OH v. Bumpass.
Tupac Shakur speaks to the camera with a bandana tied around his head
home searched by LVMPD in Tupac investigation
Teen victim Paige Johnson.
BTK Killer's daughter talks to Matt Johnson.
Prosecutor Zach Zipperer.
Donna Johnson testifies
Authorities search the home of suspect Rex Heuermann.
Photo of Tupac Shakur