Stephan Sterns

Stephan Sterns was charged with sexual abuse of a minor days after his girlfriend's daughter, Madeline Soto, was murdered.

The panel analyze the conversations between Stephan Sterns and the sheriff during Sterns' jail transport in newly released video.
Experts analyze Stephan Sterns' body language as he's transported by authorities after he was arrested.
Stephan Sterns in police car
photo of Madeline Soto with pink balloons, streamers
side by side photos of Madeline Soto and Stephan Sterns
An unknown woman called 911 to report Madeline Soto missing and the panel discuss who the caller may have been and how calm the person seems to be.
The medical examiner's office said the report is confidential and exempt from being publicly released.
The panel weigh in and discuss a short video of Madeline Soto on her 13th birthday.
madeline soto missing poster
Stephan Sterns was using the Telegram App, which is an encrypted instant messaging service.
Madeline Soto's text messages suggested she wanted to live in the woods after her 13th birthday.
The panel discuss and compare interviews Jenn Soto had on WFTV, which was in English and an interview on Telemundo 31 Orlando, which was in Spanish.
Julie grant with a picture of Jennifer Soto and Madeline Soto on the monitor.
The expert panel discuss how variables like weather conditions.
Experts weigh in on Kissimmee Police Chief Betty Holland saying that everyone who was close to Madeline Soto is a suspect.
stephan sterns mugshot
Chief Betty Holland provides an update on the progress made in the murder of Madeline Soto.
Julie Grant with a picture of Madeline Soto on the monitor.
Court TV retraces the alleged steps and route Stephan Sterns took on the morning of February 26.
Experts try to determine what happened between Madeline Soto's 13th birthday party and 8:19am.