Stephan Sterns

Stephan Sterns was charged with sexual abuse of a minor days after his girlfriend's daughter, Madeline Soto, was murdered.

Court TV producer Cody Thomas joins Closing Arguments with Vinnie Politan and discusses the plethora of cameras at the Venetian Bay Villages.
Madeline Soto family photo.
Court TV producer Cody Thomas takes viewers through the scene where Madeline Soto's remains were discovered.
Experts discuss the family dynamic Madeline Soto had to deal with.
Julie Grant with a splitscreen of Stephan Sterns and Madeline Soto behind her.
GFX of Stephan Sterns with a list of the new charges.
Experts weigh in on the possibility of Stephan Sterns receiving the death penalty, if found guilty of sex crimes.
Family photo of Madeline Soto.
Experts weigh in on Jennifer Soto and whether she should be approached as a witness or a suspect.
Stories about Stephan Sterns' alleged twisted sexual beginnings are discussed with a panel of experts.
Stephan Sterns, the last known person to see Madeline Soto, is now facing a slew of new charges related to disturbing images and videos found on his phone.
Booking photo of Stephan sterns
Julie Grant with Soto case GFX on the monitor.
side by side photos of Madeline Soto and Stephan Sterns
Statements made by Jenn Soto during a WFTV interview are reviewed and statement inconsistencies and contradictions are addressed in the murder of Madeline Soto.
photo of Madeline Soto
side by side photos of Madeline Soto and Stephan Sterns
smiling photo of Madeline Soto and her mother.
With everything happening in the Murder of Madeline Soto, should Madeline's mother, Jenn Soto, hire an attorney?
Several big things happening in this case, from an inappropriate image being posted on social media to body language analysis of the suspect and her mother from interviews conducted by WFTV.