William Zelenski

William Zelenski was sentenced to life in prison for killing his girlfriend's son, whom he had accused of stealing thousands of dollars in animals.

Booking photo of William Zelenski
left: photo of ryelee manente-powell left: two women stand in front of a blue wall
A man and woman stand in front of an American Flag background.
A signed letter with a staement from Ryelee's family
William Zelenski hears verdict read in court
Photo shows people praying in a courtroom
Defense attorney Timothy Hogan delivers his closing argument
Veronica Isherwood delivers the prosecution's closing argument in the trial of William Zelenski
William Zelenski testifies in court
William Zelenski smiles as he testifies on the witness stand
William Zelenski testifies in his defense
photos of April Zelenski (left), William Zelenski and Tiffany Powell (right)
William Zelenski holds a tissue as he becomes emotional on the stand.
William Zelenski testifies in court
William Zelenski holds his hand to his face as he became emotional on the witness stand
surveillance video of alleged crime incident in william zelenski trial
tiffany powell testifies in william zelenski trial
Waupaca Police Capt. Paul Benzschawel testifies in court.
William Zelenski sits in court with his attorney
Still from surveillance videi with a car highlighted